Price Guarantee

We are the best place regarding phone! Whether it is to repair them, selling them, or buying a refurbished phone. We take immense pride in our products* and services. Why else would we provides a warranties on all screen/components repairs and on our refurbished phones?  Our price is a reflection of our quality, our efficiency and our promise to protect the environment.

Things are pretty clear-cut with us. We provide you with the price for all our services so that you can make a better informed decision, whether it is to sell, buy or repair a phone. What we quote is the price that you will get when you come to the store. We promise! The only reason price may be altered is in case the problem was misdiagnosed or the phone to be sold had a feature defect that you may have been missed.

(*Our product is a reference to refurbished goods – we have no claim on the original product)

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