About Us

Sabko Phone addresses a small but significant item adding up to e-waste – our beloved cell phones. After experiencing limited efficient repair options for phones and few possibilities for environmentally friendly disposal in Nepal, we decided to explore what could be done. That was how and why Sabko Phone was born!

Our aim is to expand the lives of as many phones as possible. We plan to do so by providing super easy and trustworthy options for repairs. You get to pre-book your repair service by booking a convenient time. We also provide warranties (ranging from 3 to 6 months) for all repairs. If your phone is unrepairable or you just want to move on to a new model, don’t throw it away! We will buy your phone and make it like new. Then we sell it to a new happy owner.

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In addition to efficient, transparent and customized services with warranties, we help save the planet! How? Firstly, we will be working in a carbon neutral manner, and any emission produced by our work will be neutralized by a ‘green’ project that we fund. Most importantly, parts of your phone that are no longer useful will be recycled in the most environmentally friendly and innovative manner.

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