All of our refurbished phones have a warranty ranging from six weeks to six months. Our warranty for repairs depends on the type of repair (please look at our table below). We link our warranty directly to a specific device, which we identify by its unique IMEI number. The warranty will be valid for a specific customer as noted in our records. If the ownership of phone changes, the warranty will not extend to the new owner.

What does my SabKo Phone warranty cover?

Repair – We shall re-preform the repair/replacement if original problem resurfaces for the part/s repaired by us (for the time period specified in the table below). However, if additional problems arise with your phone, we will not be liable to provide service for that under this warranty.

Refurbished phone – Our Warranty covers any malfunctioning of the phone for warranty period as specified in the table below and in the product description. Note that if we have specified any defeat on the product description before you purchase the device (e.g. touch id not working), such defeat is not covered by the warranty. We also promise to buy back your phone in any condition – check out our takeback policy!

What will not be covered?

Screen Up to 6 Months
Component & Battery Replacements Up to 6 Months
Liquid Damage, Software repair & Logic board repair* 1 free services within 2 months of initial repair service
Refurbished phones**
Phones upto 15,000 NPR*** 6 weeks
Phones between 16,000 – 40,000 NPR 3 months
Phones above 40,001 NPR 6 months

* When we fix your phone for liquid damage repair, we will provide you with two free services for any reoccurring problems from the original liquid damage for two months after the initial repair service, however you will be liable to pay for any components that may need to be replaced.

** We will replace the battery of our refurbished phones during the warranty period if the battery life drops to be less then 2 hours, in normal use, after a full charge. Normal use of phone means the following: regular phone calls, messaging, music, use of social media and other similar application. But it excludes continuous use of gps, use of mobile data and long video calls (anything beyond 30 minutes).

*** NPR is an abbreviation for Nepali Rupees

Please Note: Our warranties range from six weeks to six months (besides Liquid Damage, Software repair & Logic board repair) depending on the cost of the replacement, repair or the purchase of refurbished device. You will be informed of the length of your warranty before any transaction takes place for repairs. For warranty on our refurbished phones your warranty period will be specified in product description. Also please note that using our repair service may cancel your manufacturer’s Warranty.