Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) in Nepal


Nepal’s mobile landscape is evolving, and with it comes the Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) in Nepal. At Sabko Phone, we believe in keeping our customers informed about industry developments that may impact their mobile experience. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the essential aspects of Nepal’s MDMS, shedding light on its purpose, regulations, and how it affects phone users and businesses alike.

What is MDMS?

MDMS, short for Mobile Device Management System in Nepal, is an initiative by the Nepali government to ensure transparency, track mobile devices, and manage the import and usage of phones in the country. With this system in place, all mobile devices imported for use or resale in Nepal must be registered. Failure to register these phones can lead to them being classified as “grey” or “black-listed,” ultimately rendering them unable to make calls.

Registration Process for Businesses

For businesses looking to import phones for resale in Nepal, the registration process under the MDMS is streamlined. Companies can register themselves in bulk quantities, ensuring a smooth and efficient import process. This allows businesses to contribute to a regulated mobile market while providing quality devices to their customers.

Registration Process for Individuals

Nepali citizens working or living abroad, other than visitors or students, can bring up to two phones into the country without incurring additional taxes. These phones include the one they currently use. However, it is mandatory to declare such phones and register them in the MDMS system. Any additional phones brought in must be registered by paying the applicable taxes at the customs checkpoint at the airport.

Promoting Transparency and Compliance

The MDMS system plays a crucial role in promoting transparency within the mobile market. By registering all imported phones, the government can effectively track the flow of devices, ensuring their legitimacy and compliance with regulations. This measure also aids in reducing the presence of counterfeit or unauthorized devices, protecting consumers from potential risks associated with substandard products and collection of revenue for government.

Using the MDMS Portal

To register your phone or access further information, the MDMS portal provides a user-friendly interface. This platform allows individuals and businesses to conveniently complete the registration process, ensuring their devices are compliant and legally usable within Nepal. For additional information or assistance, please visit the official MDMS portal at:


Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) in Nepal is a significant step towards fostering a transparent and regulated mobile market. As a responsible participant in the industry, Sabko Phone urges all users and businesses to comply with the MDMS guidelines. By adhering to the registration requirements, we not only support the government’s efforts but also contribute to a safer and more efficient mobile ecosystem in Nepal. ┬áThank you!